1. Don’t forget… October 2nd… Lucas Blalock.


  2. Featured MFA ::::: Matthew Warren

    Please look at these weird things that are being made by our very own Matt Warren. The work is graphic, it’s a study of material, it’s a total photographic trek. Look look look. Like like like.

  4. Get learned.

  5. Featured Artist: Jeff Frost 


  7. Hey, here is a seemingly invaluable resource that should be apart of your daily morning routine. Lots of interviews, galleries, &c. I’ve already bookmarked it so you should also do that and then we can discuss all of it. Go go go.


  8. Shout out to…


    an ‘07 Film alum that was cinematographer on the film Something, Anything.

    It is seemingly being met with wonderful reviews, so go check out the website and see what’s possible.

  12. Featured artist: Thomas Demand, Pacific Sun

  13. Featured artist: Thomas Demand, Rain… a symphonic performance 



  15. Featured MFA ::::: Farrah Al Sulaiman

    "My work deals with my personal struggle with cultural identity as a Saudi American artist, and how that leads others to perceive me as an artist."

    Go here for more insightful work by Farrah.